I can probably make you a meal out of primal and paleo items that you will die for. How about a roasted chicken, butternut squash puree and kale sauted with bacon? Or pulled pork with slaw and sweet potato fries with homemade aioli? If you can log some kitchen time, you can make yourself very happy using paleo foods. This ain’t no chicken breast on a bed of lettuce lifestyle.

However, there are times when time is limited. And while staring down one of the above meals makes you forget pizza exists….. when it’s 8pm, you are hungry and don’t feel like cooking, delivery pizza sounds great. And I can’t argue about the convenience of a bowl of cereal or the drive thru. But you get to a point where that stuff makes you feel like crap. And if you are busy, who wants to have a churning stomach?

So here are some under 5 minute meal ideas:
More Savory:
2 boiled eggs and some lunch meat (I buy Applegate Farms). To be awesome, put a dollop of mayo in a bowl, pop in the yolks, mash and have deviled eggs and lunch meat. Follow up with a piece of fruit. Makes an awesome lunch or dinner in a pinch.

Lunch meat + avocado. Roll up. Eat.

Heat a pan. Throw in some avocado and salsa. Scramble with two eggs.

Quick chicken salad- dice up a piece of already cooked chicken, toss in a dollop of mayo, some curry powder and chopped celery. Serve on a bed of spinach (you know, prewashed from the bag).

More Sweet
Apple or banana plus almond butter- this is a great breakfast and makes a great lunch too.

Smoothies…. Yogurt or coconut milk, nuts, banana, frozen fruit…blend. Yum

So yeah, you need to be a little prepared. It’s good to have boiled eggs on hand and stuff like cooked meats. But it’s not a huge amount of effort to give yourself a bunch of better options than pizza. And you feel good when you are done eating.