My brother is all sorts of awesome and sent me BEEF for my birthday. A box with 2 Wagyu filets and a pound of ground Wagyu beef. He is the best.

I had one of the steaks last night. Holy cats. It was like eating butter. I grilled it to rare then dove in. 8 ounces were gone quickly. I can’t describe it…. tender, juicy, flavorful. Full of fat. I paired it with roasted acorn squash and chard sauted in bacon. The man had grilled trout. So, now I’m spoiled. I love a steak. But this was the steak to end all steaks.

Funny thing is, I used to be a vegetarian, as did my husband. Almost 20 years of tofu, tempeh, pasta…. We are making up for lost time. Ribs, steak, kielbasa. He still eats grain and has taken to meat lover pizzas.

Anyhow, I was a vegetarian under the delusion that meat made you fat. Since reentering the world of meat, about a year ago, I am down 36 lbs. with an actual decrease in exercise. I regularly nosh on 8-10 ounce steaks, bacon, kielbasa, ribs, BBQ. What I don’t eat is the sugar- the bread, the sweets.

At any rate, I did splurge yesterday and had a piece of almond cake. I did some mental math- probably about the same calorie count as that steak. Except after eating that steak, I was stuffed. I used to justify almond cake by lying to myself that a lack of meat kept my calories low. Nope. However, I need to find balance. I like sweets. I used to like them too much. And eating them can cause an avalanche of overeating them. I realized that yesterday’s almond cake was the first sugar splurge in over a month and a half. Compared to my old habits, in which sugary splurges were daily, that’s a big improvement. So I am hopeful that I am beginning to acheive that balance.