I am making beef stew today from one of my favorite cookbooks, Dorie Greenspan’s “Around My French Table”. With wine… well, its not paleo, but in the spirit, it is a luscious meal focused on whole foods. Many of the recipes in her book are not primal or paleo, but a good many are and you can be guaranteed that they are delicious.

As a long time vegetarian, I found that books focused on vegetarian foods often were not good. They generally focused on vegetarianizing meaty foods. Tofu lasagna is a tragedy. One book had a nutritional yeast cheese recipe that was vomitous. Or they were complex like the 5 hour Opus that was my homemade Tofurkey. So I learned, buy good cookbooks that focus on ethnic foods or just food in general and make the stuff without meat. Boom. Easy peasy and no more kitchen tragedies.

I’m finding that with Paleo cooking. A lot of the cookbooks are no brainers (I have 786 recipes for frittatas.). One only needs so many paleo pancake recipes and variations on Shepherds Pie. BUT, if you are new to cooking they are great…. but as someone who loves to cook, well, looking thru a book and knowing you don’t need a recipe for that gets old.

So, back to my old ways, magazines and good cookbooks that you know you can rely on. I will say, I bought “Well Fed”, a paleo cookbook and it is exceptional, dog eared and grease spattered by now. She is on her way to sharing a place with people like Dorie Greenspan. She just knows her flavors and foods and combines the two deliciously. Anyhow, some of my recent faves:
Well Fed – Melissa JOulwan (all Paleo and perfect for experienced and inexperienced cook, and a worthwhile buy for non-paleo people as well)
Around My French Table- Dorie Greenspan- YUM! French recipes, focus on Whole foods and technique. Works for beginners and experienced alike.It is hard to ignore the pastry recipes, but buck up!
The Tupelo Honey Cookbook- Southern food, needs some tweaking for paleo, but great recipes all around
Plenty- Yotam Otholenghi- Veggie recipes that get gourmet real quick…. mmmmm

So there you have it- some of my favorite cookbooks.

And here is a quickie paleo recipe if you love pumpkin lattes

Pumpkin Latte Creamer

1 can coconut milk
3 pitted dates
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
2 tsp vanilla

Chuck it all in the blender (triple check the dates for pits). Blend til smooth. Add to coffee. You can strain it if you like as the dates are a bit chunky.