Last Friday was a big day for me. I conquered BOX JUMPS! Anyone who does Cross Fit is familiar with box jumps. Simple- you jump up on a box. Except for when you are simply not good at jumping. Then it is not simple. Oh, I am strong and have endurance, but not blessed with springiness or swiftness. Plus, well, I lose balance a lot.

So at class, they were kind and found me a small box to jump on. Week in, week out, I’d jump on the small box. I was always a bit embarassed. Fellow students would encourage me and the teachers would help too. But I just could never jump on the regular box. It got to the point where box jump day was annoying because I knew the small box was no challenge, but I was afraid of the regular box.

Last Friday, box jumps were out. We had 2 rounds of 2 minutes at each station. I made a half ass try at the regular box and asked for the small box. The instructor was a little eye rolly…:) So I just decided to REALLY try for the regular box. AND I LANDED THE JUMP. The first round was inconsistent, and switched from the small to the regular a few times. The second round, my partner in the rotation said I could do the regular box, just don’t think about it. Damn if I didn’t make that regular box my bitch. And in the end, IT WAS BORING. And not scary. And I didn’t fall. It felt good to succeed.

There is a lesson here. I am good at holding myself back and settling for mediocrity to avoid failure. If it might not be perfect or work out, not worth doing. I never ask for help or look for encouragement. What I learned from the box… you need to move on or at least try when things get so easy they are boring. Risk is exciting. You might fuck up a few times at first, but then it gets easier. And never underestimate the people around you and their encouragement and opinion of your skills.

Not sure what the next box jump will be, but I hope I can conquer it.