Tomorrow starts my Whole 30. It’s 30 days of very clean eating- no wheat, dairy. sugar….. basically meat, veggies, eggs, some fats, fruit and nuts. I did it back in September and after a week of agony, I felt great and lost weight! Mostly I need to reset good eating habits after festive season and lose some weight for ARuba!

My goal this time is to have something new within the parameters each day so I can expand my healthy food repetoire. It’s too easy to tire of eggs and veggies and be tempted by crap. It takes some creativity, but I have that! I eat crap out of boredom and need some new “fall back” meals especially at breakfast and lunch. Far too easy to make paleo pancakes too often. Or go try and convince myself that the stuffed grape leaves are primal.Or call a handful of chocolate chips 20%. But I don’t want to be stuck with dreary ass food.

So, tonight is my proverbial “last supper” braised lamb shanks, salad and ice cream sundaes. Actually the lamb shanks could be Whole 30 minus the wine, the salad will use a Whole 30 vinegarette and the ice cream will be a nono for a while.

Tomorrow, I will post my meals and any new cool recipes I come up with. My goal is a new recipe or idea each and every day. Wish me luck!