Today was a good day. So busy at work, had a killer work out and a nice ride on my horse. The workout was BRUTAL. Everyone in class was just killed at the end of it. LOL, got my money and times worth. Luckily my horse Niki pulled no shenanigans as I had not a lot of strength or energy to do much more than the minimum.

However, my energy is shot, so my creativity for a meal is nil tonight. It happens. 😦 But that doesn’t mean the food can’t still be tasty and great.

Breakfast was 4 eggs (4!) scrambled with mushrooms, asparagus and some butter. Plus a persimmon and my coconut milk coffee.

Post workout snack was a banana with almond butter. I was spent and needed carby and simple!

I did enjoy a glass of kombucha.

Dinner…. this is my creative meal….
It will be a rib eye steak, with some sauted mushrooms and onions and asparagus with garlic aioli. What is aioli? It’s mayo with some garlic in it. I made homemade mayo earlier in the week, knowing it makes me a decadant companion to just about anything. So I am stepping up steak and asparagus with sauted veggies and some sauce.

And that is good enough when you are tired!