Another fun day…. had to work but had some fun taking pics at the barn. Big fail on creativity in cooking today…. I am swamped at work so had to work today before and after riding.

I did make the chocolate chili from the Well Fed cookbook. Not a fan of chili, but I made it for my husband and his friend and they LOVED it. It was pretty good…. but I don’t like chili. Another WIN from her cookbook and surprisingly easy to make.

My meals today were:
3 eggs with salsa and avocado, banana, coffee with coconut milk \
Boiled egg snack
Banana snack
Almonds snack
Dinner was a steak (put some hickory chips on the grill to add some nice flavor) and a spinach salad with egg, avocado, Yummy vinegarette and mushrooms.

The Whole 30 is going good. Feel pretty well. Not crabby or bored yet. Today was a weird day with a lot of snacks but they were good ones.