So I am at the point at which there is nothing to eat and I am whiny about it. Never mind that I eat like this for the most part. Eggs have lost appeal as has everything. I am cranky. My work out earned me a hazelnut cappucino, but I could not have it. At EarthFare, they were sampling rib eye! woohooo….. doused in a salsa full of soy sauce. So no sample plus had to listen to someone talking about phyto nutrients. All I wanted was some damn duck and they were out, so to soothe myself, I overpaid for lamb. Oh and the gym was brutal. I don’t need my shoulders to work, right?

On the upside, Christmas Tree came down(well, that is sad). Only upside…. got a few new swimsuits and cover ups for Aruba. Only good part of my day.

My food today:
Sweet potato, mushrooms, spinach, eggs, mayo and kimich, scrambled. Persimmon and coffee.

No lunch- I grazed…. almonds, snacked on soup and an orange

Lamb chops, kale with coconut and ras al hanout. Then a banana and some almonds as I was annoyed at not having a dessert.

My “creative” today was the soup I made that I can eat for lunch all week. It is chicken noodle soup, no noodles and a TON of chicken, carrots, onion and celery plus some garlic. The stock is half from Trader Joes and half from a home made stock I made with my last roasted chicken. It’s good. Plus an alternative to my go to eggs and applegate lunch meat. I can freeze it if it bores me at midweek. šŸ™‚

My creative was also breakfast- I eat that combo with ground beef all the time for dinner. Really good with eggs too.