Nik makes me smileDay 6 was better than day 5. But it was a tough day. My husband left to go do field work, and its empty without him around. I know it will be easier with cooking and such, but mainly I miss him. He’ll be back in a week. Work has been busy, good busy, but just unsettled. Flying is a good word.

But the worst part of the day was the news about my dad. Back in the hospital for more infections, more sickness, then back to a care facility. He has been ill for sometime, and is, well. Hurts to type this, but in the process of dying. I hate for him that it has to be a process. I’m glad he has seen his grandchild, and has his loving wife, my mom. But hate the suffering. I hope I misinterpret and that he has happiness in his life. I’m sure the sight of my mom brings him joy. The good thing is that he must surely have peace of mind because he is someone who always treats everyone well.

Anyhow, that made me sad, so I left work and visited my horse. She is a funny animal. Very funny. Niki is the class clown. She is no special talent and not particularly fun to ride. She is very pretty.But the thing about her is simply comedic timing and expression. She never fails to make me laugh. Ever. Everyone loves her. Well, like 3 people don’t and they are all really mean. But everyone else loves Niki. And she loves them!
Nik makes me smile
So pretty!

A good kisser too….

So….. life is more than dieting. It’s crappy, brilliant and has ups and downs unrelated to the food on our plates. One thing for me that has changed with Primal Paleo is that I deal with emotions without food. Two years ago, today would have had me flagging down the cupcake and noshing on pizza. Now I just don’t do that. Hooray! I went out and rode my horse in circles around the ring listening to my i-pod blanking out.

But I did eat today- good food, nutritious food.

Breakfast- coffee, eggs, spinach, mushrooms, butter and a banana
Lunch- Chicken soup, orange
Snack- ALmonds
Dinner- Chicken sausage, sweet potato, leftover kale.

Then…. because I still love a dessert, and needed a little pleasantry…. I made a dessert. Somewhere in Whole 30 world some is saying “UR DOING IT WRONG!”. Probably. But my life will not be lived without occasional dessert items. And I refuse to think a dessert made of a banana and coconut milk is wrong. Someday I will Whole 30 and exclude sweet after dinner. Anyhow, let me share with you my exotic creamy pudding of yummy.

Exotic Creamy Pudding of Yummy
1/4 cup full fat coconut milk
1 small banana
1/2 tsp rosewater

Freezethe coconut milk and banana for an hour. Scrape into a blender. Blend with rosewater. Eat. Imagine you are in an exotic morrocan casbah….