Day 7…. more work, not enough play. Nice walk with the dog though. My energy and overall health are good. Yay! The good thing about eating Whole 30 is that done right, the food does what it is supposed to do. Fuel your body. However, it doesn’t help chase sad away or help you figure out how to write a report. But when we eat right, we feel better facing whatever comes up.

So today’s foods:
Breakfast- eggs scrambled with asparagus, banana
Lunch- chicken soup, orange
Dinner- Burger patty, avocado, salsa and a salad of spinach, avocado and mushrooms with the last of Yummy Vinegarette.
Snack- small handful of almonds.

My creativity is a bit shot, and I imagine will be for the next few days. So here are some smoothie combos:
Coconut milk + banana + strawberries + almond butter
Coconut milk + frozen mango + rosewater
Coconut milk + banana + cocoa (unsweetened!)
Coconut milk + banana + pineapple

All of these would be great with some rum in about 23 days….