If I’m going to not eat wheat, chocolate, cheese, dairy, bacon and sugar…. I’m going to eat amazing meat. No way am I gnawing a chicken breast. Or a lean pork tenderloin. Oh hell no. I’m gonna go all out.

DUCK. I love duck in all it’s fatty glory. Birthday dinner was a confit duck leg and a duck breast. I have thought about it since then. Craved it. But duck is hard to find and expensive around here. Today, at Earth Fare, they had duck breast. It was $13.99 a lb. In 2 lb packages. So $30. The butcher was kind enough to split a pack. So I bought it. It was a splurge.

I went online for info on how to cook. I did my own thing sort of.

Maggies Awesome Duck Splurge.

1 lb Magret duck breast
Orange vinegar
1/2 T butter

Turnip= sliced thin


Heat oven to 450. Take out the duck and score the fat without cutting the meat. I did about 1″ apart on the scores. Salt each side. Heat an oven proof skillet on medium high. Put the breast in fat down. Cook for 7 minutes without flipping. As it cooks, drain off the fat- I did this every two minutes or so. Flip the duck breast and put it in the oven for 5 minutes. It may get smoky. Take the pan out and put the duck on a plate. Be super careful- pour about 2 T of vinegar in the pan, with the butter and deglaze the pan. That is your sauce!

The meat needs to rest. Put some of the duck fat you poured off back in the pan- maybe 1T. Toss in your turnips and salt and over medium high heat, cook till browned. When they are done, saute the spinach in the same pan.

Slice the duck cross the grain- pour on the sauce, serve with spinach and turnips. The duck should serve two. But I could have eaten it all.

My other meal today was breakfast- just some eggs, coffee, avocado and salsa. Snacks were a banana, blueberries and almonds.

Another day of clean eating in the books…. haha…. my dinner was technically diet food. Yeah, ^%$*%^$ lean cuisine. Eating a meal like that on a diet where you lose weight completely negates any regret of not being able to eat pizza or bagels.