Day 11…
Nice type of day! Very active and enjoyable. Got a closet cleaned out, worked out (killer, LOL) and rode. Tons, tons of energy- great side effect of Whole 30. Did I say tons of energy? Yeah, tons. Closet cleaning was fun- threw out more fat clothes. My old shirts look so odd- wider than they are long. My new shirts are longer and narrower. It felt good. I also pitched about 123 old running race tshirts. They are not precious. LOL. Work out was more brutal than normal. I’m not a collapser normally. I usually finish and catch my breath and move on. Today I was just smashed. Riding was pleasant, my horse was fabulous. Love her to pieces.

I don’t have a recipe today, but wanted to share my “weekly prep”. I find that being prepared with good food keeps you from making a bad choice. I always have:

  •  Boiled eggs
  • Avocados
  • Coconut Milk
  • Frozen Asparagus
  • Banana
  • Easy to cook meat (chicken breast etc.)
  • I stock up on the weekend, make aioli, boil eggs. I might roast a chicken or prep some pulled pork or make a roast too. That way on a busy day, I have something I will enjoy that is Whole 30.  This is my list of stuff I like. Yours might vary. Today I wanted a snack- had a boiled egg to grab. Need a sauce? Aioli. Veggie? Asparagus. All in my fridge. No temptations to stray!

Today I ate:

Fried eggs on a bed of rutabaga hash which I found on PaleOMG blog, plus an orange and coffee

Snack- leftover duck, blueberries, boiled egg

Dinner- chicken and roast veggies- turnips, beets, rutabaga, carrots, parsnips.