I messed up my Whole 30. Half and half in some coffee, sushi when I was out of town, hashbrowns, a burger and a chocolate croissant. The funny thing is that in a BIG way, that was all a success. Nothing really pulled me off track, and I ended this week strong, even making a Whole 30 appetizer for friends. My weight loss was nominal- lost the weight I put on over the holidays (7 or so pounds).

I came to an epiphany today, that if I strive to eat Whole 30 all the time, my cheats are not a big deal and I can have what I really want. When I followed Primal, I ate a ton of “primal OK dark chocolate”. I don’t even like it. Frankly, I just ate stuff out of habit. I could justify a lot, then blame the banana or nuts.

I want to enjoy my food and my tastes have changed for the healthier. I have no desire for sweets these days. But damn it, last Saturday I wanted a BURGER on a BUN. So I ate it. Then I ate clean for the rest of the week until Friday when I had a CHOCOLATE CROISSANT. It’s fine. It really is. And today, I will be having potatoes in my lamb stew, I know I can not eat burgers and croissants on the regular. 😉 But I can have them on occasion, and better yet, if I’m not clogging my diet with treats I could care less about (dark chocolate), I can still lose weight and be really satisfied.

I need to pretty much give dairy beyond butter the boot- breaks my face out, and I didn’t want dairy anyhow except for my coffee. I need to keep wheat minimal, but utterly worthwhile. It will be interesting to see the next occurance of wanting wheat. I don’t really want sugar when I eat plenty of fruit. I hated processed foods long ago. I’m not into rice or pasta. I am going to bring potatoes back as an occasional side dish when they would really round out a meal (like sopping up the juices from a divine lamb stew).

To go forward losing weight, I think I need to be more careful with my portions (really, I could eat 6 ounces of steak and be fine). Mostly, I am overeating meat and it gets expensive. I need to be better about having a portion of good carbs on workout days with my dinner. I also got a little crazy with nuts the first two weeks. I feel like if I allow myself occasional cheats, I am FAR less likely to justify a bunch of nuts.

I do need to work out my body’s idea of occasional treat and be prepared to rein in the excess. Christmas was BAD. Not gonna lie. But i have a tool- Whole 30. And I need to push myself in the kitchen so I am not relying on less nutritious foods as staples. Stay sharp and not get lazy. Keep things moving and changing and keep my diet interesting. And if I jones for baked goods, try the paleo versions, but treat them as a treat- so no daily paleo cookie and no slice after slice of paleo cake. One and done, so to speak.

So there you have it. I’m a few pounds lighter, a bit broken out and looking forward to eating a hearty stew tonight. I don’t want chocolate, ice cream or a cake, but I do want some potatoes. I also still want to whip up paleo pancakes. With a side of bacon. 🙂