As a former vegetarian, I really learned to dislike salad. Here is how it goes down…Coworkers want to go to a casual chain for lunch. “Oh, yeah they have vegetarian foods at the restaurant, salads!”. So you are happy as lunch time rolls around- yum, a big bowl of fresh veggies, some good dressing, a delicious roll. Then you get to the restaurant and the salads include a: Chicken Caesar, Chef Salad or Garden Salad. If lucky, the have a Taco Salad in a 1000 calorie fried tortilla. So your vegetarian salad is: romaine, some parm, croutons and bad dressing or iceburg lettuce, processed cheese strips, a rock hard tomato and two cucumber slices or a tiny amount of iceberg, some carrot shreds, one wedge of hard tomato, one cucumber slice or a fried tortilla with shredded iceberg, processed cheese, some salsa and sour cream. Oh, and two packs of saltines. And you are like fuck, why did I go out to lunch as you eat $12 of crappy salad (because they don’t discount leaving off the (*&*)(&^ protein) while your coworkers eat delicious looking food. And then you end up with food poisoning anyway. XO

So salads can suck. And when I first went paleo, I gave salads the middle finger. But recently I have been on a salad kick. A bowl of greens full of good stuff, with an amazing dressing and grass fed meats or warm grilled chicken or salmon is amazing. And miles away from iceberg, a hard tomato, one cucumber slice and some weird tasting croutons.

This is the salad I made last night:

3 big handfuls of rainbow chard, sliced (Trader Joes sells it in bags)

1/2 avocado sliced into chunks

2 green onions chopped

1 mandarin orange seperated into segments

5 pieces of asparagus cooked and cut into 1″ pieces

1 grass fed rib eye, grilled and cut into chunks.

2 T of my dressing (recipe to follow).

Mix all your veggies while the steak grills. Let the steak rest for 5 minutes. Cut into chunks. Put on the salad. Toss with dressing. Eat! Healthy, delicious, amazing, even decadant.

Citrus vinegarette:

1 orange juiced

1/2 shallote

1 T white wine or chmpagne vinegar

1/2 cup olive oil

1 egg yolk (option)

Blend the shallotte, juice, vinegar and egg yolk in a blender. Drizzle in the olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste.