So I love pork. And if you spend enough time in North Carolina you know that if a BBQ establishment looks sketchy, it’s good. We hit up the BBQ man on our recent road trip to the mountains. We wanted lunch, cheap. Fast food is gross, but BBQ from a weird pink shed with a poorly drawn pig is bliss. For…. $6.50 each we got a mound of smokey, luscious pork and a huge amount of perfect hush puppies, plus 2 sides. Gotta have slaw and for some reason I got pickles. Random but dillicious. LOL. Good and a great value- what could you get at McDonald’s for $6.50? I dunno, I just love BBQ, plus they are small and locally owned. So if you are ever in North Carolina, stop at the weird looking place, get a plate of pull pork, slap some sauce on it (hint, it generally doesn’t need it) and get your eat on. If you are paleo or primal, get the BBQ slaw with your pork and ignore the hush puppies. If you eat low fat, hop on the clue bus. Or just to hell with it, eat the pork, hush puppies and live a little.

BBQ is a great use for a pork butt, but I got about 5 lbs of ground pork in my pork pack from Grateful Growers. Ground pork has many opportunities, but one of the simplest is to grill it like a burger. Pork makes great hamburgers. 🙂 I think HAMburgers deserve special toppings. You can grill ’em up and put them on a bun (or in lettuce) and dress like a regular burger but that’s boring. Without further adieu…

Pork Burgers with Carrot Slaw


1 lb ground pork


Carrot Slaw

1 lb grated carrots (use a grater, food processer, or buy shredded)

2 T Dijon mustard

1 T maple syrup

1/4 c cider vinegar

1/2 cup olive oil

1/2 cup raisins

To make the salad, put the mustard, syrup, cider vinegar in a large bowl and whisk to combine. Slowly whisk in the oil to make the dressing. Toss with carrots and raisins. Flavor with salt and pepper to taste. Let sit for 30 minutes or so at room temperature.

To make the burgers, divide the pork into 3 patties (or 4, or 2 depending on your idea of a meat portion), Salt and pepper each side. Grill to your idea of done. I grill 4 minutes a side. They are more fragile than beef burgers or soy burgers….so flip with care.

To serve- stack the burger and 1/2 cup of carrot salad on a bun, in a lettuce wrap or in a bowl of spinach. A bit of mayo or goat cheese compliment this combo well.

Why it works – the sweetness of the carrots compliments the sweetness of the pork. The acid in the dressing helps cut the sweetness, while the mustard provides a punch of tart. It’s a nice sweet/salty/tangy combo and when you add in some richness with the cheese or aioli it takes it to a new level.