I have neglected my blog for quite a while now. However, this summer I recommitted to fat loss and started following the Rennaisance Diet. This is a way of eating that is built around the needs of people that work out a lot. It is focused on carb cycling (eating carbs around workouts to get the most out of them). I have been very happy with the results.

This is not a “free plan”. I paid for the templates that layout the macros and schedule. My blog is not going to give away those details; plus they are customized. I think that we should pay for nutritional advice at this level. If people with a great product can’t make a living, then good advice will go away and there will only be people shilling gimmicks. I can tell you that there are no “extras” to buy on the plan, and the only supplements are whey and casein protein. If you are interested it is worth the money, and I know that when I spend money on something I am more likely to stick to it.
Prior to the plan, I was eating 1600 to 1800 calories a day, lifting 3-4 days a week and doing HIIT cardio 2-3 days a week. Problem was, my weight was creeping up from a very brief low of 169 to a high of 182. The method I initially used to hit 169 was not sustainable. I wanted to find a “lifestyle” that worked. The other issue was that my diet was not as clean or balanced as I would have liked it to be.
So… I ordered the templates and they come in EXCEL with tabs. Imagine my shock when I opened to the “Third Cut” and say this very lean diet….. The plan comes with 4 plans and you start with the base plan (which is the most food) and cut back when your weightloss stalls. I finally found the correct tab, and was pleased to see a lot more food on the program….
There are 4 unique plans depending on your workload for the day- ranging from rest to hard. I have never eaten for a “hard day” but I imagine that is for a day where you might do one of those hour long CF chipper WOD’s. I use the “moderate” plan on deadlift/squat days which are taxing, the “light” plan on shoulder and chest days and the rest plan on non-lifting days.
So each day, I have meals with specific macros to hit. They actually have meal suggestions on the tabs if you just like to eat basics like “rice, chicken, brocolli and a tablespoon of olive oil”. You can just take their measurements and roll. But I plug things into myfitnesspal because I enjoy variety at times and require some calculating. There is definitely a need to make your own food, but if you can grill meat and cook a potato, you have all the skills you need to make the plan work.
And I like that you have food choice- focused on real whole foods, but no one is makin you eat salmon and quinoa. If you want chicken and rice, that is fine! It is not advised that you eat junk. There are no cheat days. I find the plan flexible enough to accomodate some dining out- like you can have a sandwich if you need to, or steak and salad.